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Ester-Goldstream Legal Defense Fund
Forced "annexation" negates our representation

Don't tread on Ester/Goldstream!

Victory in "Round 1"

"Round 2": Another Victory!

Status update from our attorney, Mike Walleri

This scene in Marshall is typical of many villages in District 38. Rural Alaska's legislative priorities are fundamentally different from Fairbanks, Ester, and Goldstream.

Video Link: Watch Redistricting Board attorney Michael White dismissing the Alaska Supreme Court's ruling, 3/26/12

Republican Party's bash, for $5,000+/year donors - celebrating their gerrymandered Senate majority - a 6 seat predicted gain!

The Redistricting Board's highly partisan credentials

Our challenge mirrors Redistricting Board attorney Michael White's 2001 redistricting challenge for the Alaska Republican Party

Three Fairbanks-based districts are designed to favor non-Fairbanks legislators:

News report: The redistricting board's local hearing

Analysis by John David Ragan, an Ester resident

Do Ester and Goldstream's socio-economic interests correspond with the legislative priorities of:

Alakanuk, Anderson, Anvik, Atmautluak, Bethel, Cantwell, Chevak, Emmonak, Ferry, Grayling, Healy, Holy Cross, Hooper Bay, Kotlik, Lake Minchumina, Manley Hot Springs, Marshall, McGrath, McKinley Village, Mekoryuk, Mertarvik, Minto, Mountain Village, Napakiak, Nenana, Newtok, Nightmute, Nikolai, Nunam Igua, Nunapitchuk, Pilot Station, Russian Mission, Scammon Bay, Shageluk, St. Mary’s, Takotna, Toksook Bay, and Tununak?

Legal developments:

Ester/Goldstream's legal challenge against a partisan, misguided redistricting plan

Superior Court Judge Michael McConahy ruled that it's unconstitutional to insert Ester and Goldstream into (rural) District 38! (see 2nd page) Reconfirmed by the 12/26/11 News Miner!

The Redistricting Board claims that violating Alaska's constitution was necessary to comply with the federal Voting Rights Act

This demonstration redistricting plan shows that it's possible to keep Fairbanks whole - and it complies with state/federal law!

Original 1812 political cartoon mocking the Massachusetts legislative district created to favor Elbridge Gerry over the Federalist candidate. This cartoon launched the term "gerrymander".

"Redistricting in Alaska is no different than anywhere else in the United States. It always has been, it always will be a political process" - Michael White, 2011 Redistricting Board Attorney, 2001 Republican attorney for redistricting challenge, -Anchorage Daily News, 1/28/02

Alaska Constitution VI-6: "Each house district shall be formed of contiguous and compact territory containing as nearly as practicable a relatively integrated socio-economic area.... Each senate district shall be composed as near as practicable of two contiguous house districts."

3-2-1-0 let's party!

The Redistricting Song - You Tube

2nd party/fundraiser planned soon for the Ester/Goldstream area - details to be posted soon, check back.

The 11/27/11 auction in Ester's Hartung Hall raised over $900 - which provided much-needed funding for the travel and depositions needed to prevail in court!

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2011 Redistricting Board option proposing to gerrymander Fairbanks and Southeast Alaska

Storm damage in Tununak resulting from the November 2011 "perfect storm"

These scenes from Toksook Bay (above) and Scammon Bay are typical of many villages in District 38. Rural Alaska's legislative priorities are fundamentally different from Fairbanks, Ester, and Goldstream.